Pass Your Police Oral Psychological Exam with Expert Preparation

If you are concerned about an oral psychological exam you are not alone. Practicing before your oral psychological exam greatly improves your chances of success

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About Me

Pass Your Police Oral Psychological Exam with Expert Preparation

Drawing on 20 years of experience in assisting law enforcement candidates with their preparation for oral psychological evaluations, I bring a wealth of expertise to the table. My journey began in 2003 when I established my law practice with the sole purpose of aiding disqualified civil service job candidates.

During my tenure as a Lieutenant with the NYPD, I served in the esteemed NYPD Legal Bureau. Over the years, my dedication to this cause has led me to review countless psychological evaluation reports from both NYPD psychologists and mental health professionals representing candidates seeking appeal.

Year after year, I’ve had the privilege of guiding hundreds of aspiring NYPD candidates through the rigors of psychological interviews. My commitment to their success has remained unwavering for the past two decades.
Through my extensive interactions, I’ve had the opportunity to conduct in-depth interviews with candidates and compile comprehensive written summaries of their experiences during the psychological evaluation process. Additionally, I’ve meticulously analyzed follow-up psychological interviews that occurred after they initiated appeals. This vast reservoir of data has allowed me to discern the recurring patterns, concepts, and issues that are integral to the oral psychological examination.
With this deep well of knowledge and insight, I stand ready to provide you with unparalleled guidance and support on your journey to excel in your oral psychological evaluation.

Together, we’ll navigate the intricate landscape of this assessment, ensuring you’re fully prepared to demonstrate your readiness for a career in law enforcement.

Exam Preparation

Learn about what you will be tested on.

Our Preparation includes

Work with attorney with 20 years of experience preparing clients for Oral Psychological Interviews with NYPD, NYC Correction, Other NYS and County agencies.

Background analysis

Discuss what will come up regarding your past

Experienced evaluation of key issues for you

Learn how you will have to answer

Proven strategies

Proven strategies to present yourself confidently and professionally and pass your oral interview

Our Preparation Price ~ $250 – 1 hour

Prior to your 1 hour preparation session I will review any documents you send that you believe might come up in your oral psychological interview, I will review your historical questionnaire to learn more about you.

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